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You are you, Be you!

Ecstatic Dance & Moving Meditation Community

Introducing the UK’s first Ecstatic Dance Band!! The URUBU Collective! Formed in 2008, we play live music for our unique Ecstatic Dance/Moving Meditation Events.

urubu collective logoSeth formed the URUBU Collective in 2008, inspired by his early years living in India with the Indian Mystic OSHO. Since then he’s been running events regularly in the centre of London, where between 40-80 people come together to explore energy, movement and consciousness. These events are high energy ecstatic dance gatherings with outstanding professional musicians assembled for your dancing delight!

Dance meditations are guided by Seth, a percussionist and transformational arts facilitator with over 22 years personal experience of Conscious Dance, Body Psychotherapy, Tantra and Active Meditations.
Along with various trainings in body/mind therapies. He is a certified Pulsing bodyworker, Art of Being© teacher, Tantric Trance Dance facilitator and graduate of the Humanistic Alchemy facilitator training. He brings a wealth of experience holding heart centred spaces.

Weaving transformational tools into his events, Seth and the URUBU Collective empower us to shout out, “YES!” to all that we are.

(You are you, Be you!)

We have had the honour of working with amazing musicians over the years, playing music for our Ecstatic Dance/Movement Meditation events. Musicians including Mamadou Sarr (Senegal), Adriano Adewale (Brazil), Marcos Santana (Brazil), James asher (England), Sandeep Raval (India), Alua Nascimento (Brazil) Oli Savile (England), RAVI (Justin Freeman) and many more!

“When the drumming is good, even the Buddha will dance!” — Osho

What is Drum Mantra?

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with Sandeep & Mamadou

[simple_tooltip content=’Drum Mantra with Sandeep Raval & Mamadou Sarr’][video_lightbox_youtube video_id=we0bVCp049U width=1280 height=720 auto_thumb=”1″][/simple_tooltip]

Drum Mantra 2013

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with Mamadou Sarr & Alai Sanfo

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What is Mantra Dance?

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URUBU in the Studio

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URUBU @ ColourFest

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URUBU @ Festival of Life

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URUBU 5 Years On

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Ecstatic Dance Temple

[simple_tooltip content=’Ecstatic Dance Temple with Seth Newman’][video_lightbox_youtube video_id=i1fwxNHnP8g width=1280 height=720 auto_thumb=”1″][/simple_tooltip]

Tantric Trance Dance

[simple_tooltip content=’Tantric Trance Dance with Seth Newman’][video_lightbox_youtube video_id=0oGisNHTeqk width=1280 height=720 auto_thumb=”1″][/simple_tooltip]

Dance Revolution

[simple_tooltip content=’URUBUs Ecstatic Dance Revolution’][video_lightbox_youtube video_id=RW-pDjJkPP0 width=1280 height=720 auto_thumb=”1″][/simple_tooltip]

urubu collective logoThe Urubu Collective calls you to The Dance.

Through the medium of rhythm, and with the power of the Drum, we turn our attention inwards towards this body, these feet, this earth. Breath by breath arriving into our human experience, here now, here now.

These are beautiful & powerful evenings of conscious dance, Two pairs hugging one holding a rosefeaturing outstanding professional musicians assembled for your dancing delight.

Our evenings end with a Crystal Singing Bowl and Gong, Sound Journey where you’re invited to just lay down and let the sounds wash over you. It’s incredibly relaxing and a fantastic way to end an evening of ecstatic dance!.

“Since 2008, Global music phenomenon the URUBU Collective, has taken London by storm with their monthly ecstatic dance events!! URUBU delivers a captivating blend of exotic improvisational world grooves from ambient, meditative piano & vocal pieces through to high octane Afro-percussion. Expect tribal wildness and beautiful songs, Gongs, sound healing and more. You’re gonna love it!”

“If there is one thing I’ve learned in thirty years as a psychotherapist, it is this: If you can let your experience happen, it will release its knots and unfold, leading to a deeper, more grounded experience of yourself. No matter how painful or scary your feelings appear to be, your willingness to engage with them draws forth your essential strength.” — John Welwood

“Most of us normally think that if we have enough worldly goods, then we can do what we want to do, and and then we can be happy. The sequence is HAVE-DO-BE. But what we say in Humanistic Psychology, is that it is the other way round. If we can be who we really are, we will find ourselves doing things which genuinely satisfy us and give us enjoyment, and then we shall have all we really want. The sequence for us is BE-DO-HAVE.” — John Rowan

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