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Tantric Trance Dance

We have come to be danced, not the nice invisible, self conscious shuffle, but the matted hair flying – voodoo mama – shaman shakin’ – ancient bones dance, the strip us from our casings – return our wings – sharpen our claws & tongues dance, the shed dead cells and slip into the luminous skin of love dance...” — Jewel Mathieson 

Tantric Trance Dance™ – 
Tantric-Shamanic Dance Experience
Wake Up, Turn On… and Tune In.

The Invitation

This is the invitation to the journey into yourself, the journey to discover your Yes for Life… your Yes to You.

Through this transformational dance process, you will be guided into befriending all the aspects of your Being. Your Sexual Nature as man or woman, your Heart’s deep longing, and your personal connection to the Great Mystery.

This is a spirituality that includes our sexuality. And this is a really important difference between this work and other dance practices.


Moving Meditation and Alchemical Practice

This is a very unique dance experience, a blending of ancient and contemporary transformational tools, including Bioenergetics, Ecstatic Dance, emotional release (Catharsis), Chakra Journeying, Vipassana Meditation, And the powerful use of a blindfold  – all these elements woven together invite you into a deep state of presence, awakening & celebration.

Waking up to celebrate the one that you are.

Enter into the life of the Body

Guided by our unique musical soundtracks created specifically for this healing modality.

Tantric Trance Dance™ takes participants on the journey within.

Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness. . . . We dance to shed skins, tear off masks, crack molds, and experience the breakdown – the shattering of borders between body, heart and mind . . .” — Gabrielle Roth 


This is an active meditation for deeply connecting with your Being. Through the stages you will begin to strip off layers of muscular armouring, surrendering to the dance of the body, letting go of baggage you may of been carrying for years, and connecting with your Soul’s calling.

“You are the fusion of Nature and Spirit, the meeting point of Earth & Sky”

The Tantric Trance Dance™ process is a unique opportunity to connect with all the wild energies of Your Sexual Nature, Your Heart with Spirit.

With a conceptual basis in contemporary Reichian psychology, and ancient Tantric knowledge, The Tantric Trance Dance process facilitates the journey of blossoming the Self so that we can glimpse beyond the Self. It is both a Personal and Transpersonal exploration, releasing healing energies that lie within, this process aims to give you an experience beyond words.

As you free your body to receive the power of being, all kinds of feelings start to flow – old feelings, new feelings, dark and light. Being alive is dangerous. It means feeling, feeling things you might not want to feel or thought you never would. Being alive means having a heart and expressing it.” — Gabrielle Roth 


The Power of Tantric Movements

The first step is setting your intention for the dance and this could be an area of your life or issue from your life you would like to focus on or to heal.
There are 7 stages to the Tantric Trance Dance™ process

1. Shaking – Entering into the life of the body

2. The Wild Dancer – Dancing the Wild Sexual Self

3. The Wave & Chakra journey – Nature & Spirit connected through the Chakras

4. Stillness – Being one with the Mystery

5. Re-integration – Grounding the experience into the Heart

6. Meditation – Effortless Silence

7. Celebration – Latihan the dance of Surrender

“To me, life in its totality is good. And when you understand life in its totality, only then can you celebrate; otherwise not. Celebration means: whatsoever happens is irrelevant – I celebrate. Celebration is not conditional on certain things: “When I am happy then I will celebrate,” or, “When I am unhappy I will not celebrate.” No. Celebration is unconditional; I celebrate life. It brings unhappiness – good, I celebrate it. Celebration is my attitude, unconditional to what life brings.”

— Osho

The Alchemy of Movement

When we combine breath, movement and awareness we come out of our everyday auto-pilot, our every day trance (our normal way of being with ourselves) into the Here, Now reality.

The Tantric Trance Dance™ process is designed to help you to dissolve tension and stress so that you can have the rich experience of Being Your sex Your heart and Spirit at the same time.

Tantric Trance Dance’s primary focus is on healing, evolution and deepening our connection with the Heart.


The Tantric Trance Dance™ experience is a doorway, a doorway into the rich experience of being fully embodied in ourselves. It is not an escaping from life problems, but rather a transmuting of how we see them. Stepping into the space of befriending all or ourselves, including the more uncomfortable aspects. and  This is how we grow.  By being willing to dance on our edge, befriending everything that we feel takes the courage and trust of a warrior of the heart.

Tantric Trance Dance is the Dance of life.


About Osho

TANTRIC TRANCE DANCE OSHOOSHO (11 Dec 1931 – 19 Jan 1990) was an Indian Mystic who is published by over 200 publishers worldwide and in over 60 languages. His commune, now known as a meditation resort, is one of India’s main tourist attractions, and offers a wide range of meditations.

A professor of philosophy he traveled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker. He was a critic of institutionalised religions and advocated a more open attitude towards human sexuality.

In 1970, Osho settled for a time in Mumbai, initiating disciples known as Sannyasins, and expanded his spiritual teaching and work. In his discourses, he gave his original understanding and views on the writings of many religious traditions, mystics, and philosophers from around the world. His intelligent discourse and charisma attracted a growing number of seekers from around the world.

He moved to Pune in 1974, where his disciples established a foundation and an ashram for his presence and work, where a variety of transformational tools could be offered to the visitors. Among those transformational tools, the ashram offered various original meditations that Osho developed, many with an original musical score specifically designed to accompany each meditation. In addition, therapies derived from ancient and modern Western traditions including the Human Potential Movement were offered in the ashram to function as a preparation for meditation.

Accept yourself as you are. And that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture. From the very beginning you have been told how you should be. Nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are. Don’t be obsessed with yourself — but a natural self-love is a must, a basic phenomenon. Only then out of it can you love somebody else. Accept yourself, love yourself. Nobody else has ever been like you and nobody else will ever be like you; you are simply unique, incomparable. Accept this, love this, celebrate this — and in that very celebration you will start seeing the uniqueness of the others, the incomparable beauty of the others. Love is possible only when there is a deep acceptance of oneself, the other, the world. Acceptance creates the milieu in which love grows, the soil in which love blooms. — Osho

About Wilhelm Reich

Photograph of Wilhelm ReichWilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

One of the most significant contributions to contemporary psychotherapy was made by Wilhelm Reich. He was the first psychoanalyst to include the importance of deep relaxation of the body, as well a champion of emotional release work with people. A sizeable majority of body psychotherapists draw directly or indirectly on the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957); originally a respected psychoanalyst, a theoretical and technical innovator who in the 1920s and 1930s was responsible for hammering out much of the shape of modern psychoanalysis. Reich became convinced that the internal logic of Freud’s ideas pointed directly to the body and he gradually began to introduce bodywork into his clinical practice.

This step was thoroughly unacceptable to most analysts and was only one of Reich’s unorthodoxies. he was also at the time a communist and believed (inline with freud own earlier work) that neurosis and anxiety were caused by lack of physical sexual satisfaction rathe than by purely mental stresses. however reich developed a view of sexual satisfaction which went much deeper that the ordinary one. he argued that full (body) orgasm and the accompanying release of body mind tension, is only possible if we have already worked through much of our bodily and psychological resistance against surrendering to your own impulses.

Exploring this resistance to surrender leads us into the whole array of childhood relationships, and the many ways in which surrender and opened can come to seem impossibly dangerous. reich suggested that unexpressed feelings and undischarged anxieties are bound into the structure of the body mind though pattens of muscular tension – what he called armouring, which appears equally on a somatic level, “Muscular armouring” and on a psychological level “character armouring”. For Reich “every muscular rigidity contains the history and meaning of its origin” and that history and meaning can be recovered through therapy.

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