The Ecstatic Dance Temple Facilitator Training is an experiential program designed to prepare individuals to become channels of this work into the world. It is articulated in one 7 day module plus 6 support sessions offered over a 12 month period.


Who is the Training for

The Training is designed for all those who wish to facilitate ecstatic dance classes and workshops and would like to build a local dance community.

The Training is also designed for movement teachers interested in expanding their horizons, for therapists who desire to incorporate movement into their practice, and for anyone interested in deepening their personal growth through ecstatic dance as a transformation path.

Bioenergetic Alchemy

Level 1 Facilitator Training – Foundations

Do You Feel Inspired to Share Your Love for Dance and Ecstatic Movement Practices with Your Community?

Would You Like to Learn More Tools to Go Deeper in Your Own Practice?

Would You Like to Be Part of a Learning Community Committed to Heart-Centred Transformation?

“I am called at this point in my life to share with you all the tools, experience and knowledge I have learnt on my journey.” Seth Newman

The Ecstatic Dance Temple Facilitator Training is for both your personal growth and professional development. It is perfect for those simply wanting to go deeper into their own exploration of  dance as a moving meditation practice, it is also for those that would like to learn to hold space for others, to share their dedication and love for music and dance, and to the unfolding creativity and freedom through movement as meditation.

I feel passionate about supporting your unique gifts and creativity. As well as aiding and nurturing your particular strengths in this training, we will also assist you on areas you feel might need to be cultivated and expanded. I will both teach you how to do what I do… as well as support you in being the greatest You, you can be.

You can expect the training and mentoring to:

– Deepen your knowledge of ecstatic dance as movement meditation practiceTantric Trance Dance Standing Circle

– Learn facilitation skills, tools and principles

– Create safe space and transformational containers

– Establish your teaching practice

– Design exciting classes, music selection and authentic marketing

– Develop a local dance community

– Bring the power of emodiment & presence into your work and life

A mutual commitment and investmentTantric Trance Dance hug

The Ecstatic Dance Temple Facilitator Training is a mutual commitment and investment. It not only includes your attending the 7 day retreat, the 6 support sessions and the Apprenticeship program.

 It also includes my personal investment in you, your education, your learning, your life and evolution. My intention is to mentor you in becoming an amazing facilitator and inspiration for others.   Seth

Cancellation / Refund policy:

If you pay the Full price £1000, full refund if cancelled 4 months before the start of course. 50% refund if cancelled up to 90 days before the start of the course. No refund after 90 days.

If you pay the discounted rate of £500 there can be no refund as we will need to pay the venue for your accommodation and food. Please note: The special offer – discounted rate is not refundable.

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