Level I Facilitator Training

If you are passionate about Personal Growth, deeply interested in Bioenergetics, and excited about developing facilitation skills to work with people in your community, then we invite you to join us for our first ever Bioenergetic Alchemy™ Facilitator Training program.

This is a unique opportunity to join a team that will be expanding into communities internationally, to share this powerful experiential work.

Bioenergetic Alchemy™ Trainings are designed as a deeply transformational journey for yourself and as a great way to learn and practice neo-Reichian bodywork practitioner skills.

Training Level 1 – “Basic Training” – Foundation Training, self experience and theory
Training Level 2 – “Advanced Training” – Practitioner Skills
Training Level 3 – “Supervision Training” – Supervision and group leading skills

What personal benefits, results, and changes can you expect from your participation in a Bioenergetic Alchemy™ training?
– Feeling more alive and grounded in the body
– An unburdening of old emotions and tensions
– Freer and more pleasurable relationship with your body
– An enhanced ability to embody positive feelings
– A deeper capacity to feel and express emotions
– A more relaxed, more loose body

As a professional, what skills will you learn in this training to support your work with people?
~ Bioenergetic Alchemy™ Fundamentals
~ Personal Embodiment Home Practice Tools
~ Body Psychotherapy Theory and Practice
~ Humanistic Group-work process skills
~ Neo-Reichian De-armouring & Breathwork
~ Mindfulness Practices with Osho Active Meditations

Training Level 1 – “Basic Training” Foundation Training, self experience and theory
Pre-requisites: None
Structure: 3 blocks of 7 days or 2 blocks of 9 days, or similar, depending on location
This is primarily an introduction to Bioenergetic Alchemy; it is a Basic Training which gives students a deep self experience of the work, and a theoretical understanding of the following Body Psychotherapy concepts:
– What is Grounding and Centring?
– Bio-Energy, the Life Force
– Bioenergetic foundation principles ie. Charge and Discharge
– Reich’s Orgasm Formula
– The Four Key Emotions
– the Five Character Structures
– The Seven Segments of Muscular Armoring

The first level of this training offers you tools and practices for your personal healing and embodiment, the second level will help to deepen your knowledge and experience with these powerful embodiment practises that you can then share with your friends and family. The third level will prepare you for work with your wider community and offer you mentoring and support for your continuing professional development.

Join me, Seth Newman, founder of Bioenergetic Alchemy™, on a journey of personal discovery, transformation and growth. This work is based on my unique life experience and my therapeutic journey with exceptional teachers and therapists.

And it is my vision to create this opportunity, where those who are called to facilitate Bioenergetic Alchemy™ are supported and nurtured in developing their individual facilitation styles.

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