Bioenergetic Alchemy™- Becoming the Full Potential of Your Body

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Bioenergetic AlchemyBioenergetic Alchemy™ and the full potential of your Body

In Bioenergetic Alchemy, we aim to give you a taste of your body without it’s usual armouring, a body that is pulsing full of vitality. Your body that is blocked from expression by tensions and habit patterns, in which you’ve learnt throughout your life to structure yourselves.

We aim to give you an experience outside this usual structuring, an experience that allows New Life in!

When we have a taste of life outside the usual structures that we shackle ourselves with, the potential body and the experiences we’ve had within a weekend Bioenergetic Alchemy group can become a glimpse of what we could become, a direction in which we can transform ourselves.
And it may take many such experiences, repeated in the context of ongoing work on oneself, before the potential body becomes the real body, the body of a person who has become alive again!

It is not about explosive discharge or the agonies of primal abandonment, but the experience of integration and self-formation that comes from containing and breathing into feeling.
We are after the capacity to nourish ourselves internally, and through this transform our lives.
Our aim is to support people to make the transition from hysterical acting out and over emotionalising to the state of being filled with the depth of oneself that transforms the breathing. When this happens the breathing loses all panic, all contracted-ness, all pressurisation, and self torture.
The breath then has the quality of the ocean in it.
It moves naturally through the body like tides, a body that can participate in its own process without standing against it or walling itself off.

“Those who are used to taking note of their own bodily sensations will certainly be able to sense the streamings which go through the whole body. With a full and deep breathing these wave-like movements give a feeling of being alive through and through. Those who have relaxed bodies, and unclouded minds have these sensations as the regular and permanent background to all that they experience, and it is this which gives colour, taste and freshness to our whole life!” Ola Raknes

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