Seth Newman

Seth Newman Playing Small Gongs

Welcome To Our Hub for Transformational Arts. I am Seth, world percussionist & music teacher, adventurer, founder of this global school for embodied living practices. I am passionate about helping people awaken to the untapped energy that is available to us all Read More…

Teacher Trainings

Nataraj Hug

Our certification programs merge the great rivers of Dance & Authentic Movement, Humanistic Psychotherapy, and Tantra for embodied, ecstatic living. These creative, synthesis-oriented programs are for self-motivated practitioners who want to integrate and consolidate the diversity of their life experience and step into being a transformational arts facilitator. Read more…

Urubu Collective

Photograph of URUBU drum skins with sticks and white flower

“You are you, Be you” URUBU’s goal is to make us fully aware of the Now. The Now of this moment! Being in the flow of who we are Now gives us a more accurate map of reality, to better meet the needs of the moment and to create Love, Joy and Adventure in our lives. Read more…

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